Thunderstorm: an all-weather velomobile

The Mad Max trike with full suspension forms the chassis of the Thunderstorm. You can therefore benefit from the many advantages.

- The frame mounts for the aerodynamic full fairing can be screwed on and unscrewed very quickly, just as with the complete fairing.
- Therefore you can ride around in summer without the fairing.

So you have two vehicles in one.

The Thunderstorm velomobile is unique in its own way, because with the removable, aerodynamic full fairing you can bike in summer without the fairing and thereby have two vehicles in one. Moreover, the Thunderstorm velomobile is an extremely functional velomobile, which enables you to climb in and out without trouble, using the vertically opening front hood. Thanks to the opening front hood, you can also comfortably take your seat in the driver’s passenger compartment at ground level. In order to prevent the passenger compartment heating up quickly, the velomobile window panes have deliberately been kept small and have also been fitted with an air duct. This ensures that the panes do not get condensation at lower temperatures either, and that enough fresh air is circulated in the summer. Come and find out about this very special velomobile, which always offers 100% protection from the weather with its aerodynamic full fairing and also enables you to reach a high cruising speed on the straight.

Choose from various equipment options, e.g.three different seats: glass fibre, beech wood (for smaller people) or a light sprung saddleBionX electric motor: PL 250 HT

Picture Thunderstorm

Technische Daten

Frame: Mad Max ST 52, Tretlagermast, Lenker aus Alu
wheels: v=18 Zoll, h=20 Zoll
Seat angle: 35 ° - 45 °
track: 69,5 cm
widht: 73,5 cm
seat high: 27 cm
BB high: 44 cm
brakes mech Disc brakes AVID BB7
suspension travel: 65 mm
gear: Shimano Deore 72 Gang
weight: from 35 kg